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The Rock Under Fire podcast is hosted by Mike Derrico, Pat Ivanitski, and Stick Nixon.


Mike Derrico is a musician, pop culture historian, and writer with a number of unpublished books.  Besides hosting the Rock Under Fire podcast, he is the creator of the legally-pending/copyright-corrupt 14-episode podcast series, THE LOCKER NOTES, based on his unpublished novel of the same name.  Derrico is currently involved in the interview stages of a book on a very famous musical group from the 1960s and 1970s, but for legal reasons cannot reveal the project at the moment. In other words, somebody please find him an agent and a good lawyer so he can get on with his life!


Pat Ivanitski is a veteran vocalist, DJ, photographer, dad, and consummate rocker who has lived rock and roll and all it entails since childhood… and has lived to tell about it.


Stick Nixon remains anonymous.

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