Ep. 30: The Kiss Episode


In a very contentious episode, an overly talkative and aggravated Mike takes on Pat and Stick in a battle of opinions on Creatures of the Night-era Kiss in the middle of an otherwise celebratory conversation commemorating the rock legends. It’s Rock Under Fire’s Kiss episode..a show that challenges the consensus and commonly-accepted beliefs regarding certain eras of the band. We talk all eras, share our personal stories, likes, dislikes, as well as address the ongoing division and war among Kiss fans that persists to this day. Enjoy this fresh and brutally honest perspective from OUTSIDE the world of Kiss.

Ep. 29: Divine Slop (A Feast of Friends)

Episode 29 brings more insanity as Mike, Pat, and Stick are joined by two more childhood friends (Eric and Jim) to recount growing up in a world where every kid listened to rock music, played an electric guitar, and started a band. The subjects of conversation are many, including Van Halen, Steve Vai, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, Kiss, Sammy Hagar, 5150, Eat em and Smile, Talas, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Scott Soto, Winery Dogs, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Tom Morello, Defiant Ones, Tom Petty, The Gunslinger, Batman, comic books, Dr. Dre, Bruno Mars, Culture Club, and a whole bunch of true stories from the suburban 1970s.

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